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¡Hola! I am a certified Spanish teacher specialized in online private tutoring. I have 6 years of experience in teaching Spanish online. I’ve worked in some of the most popular language teaching platforms, such as italki or Verbling. You can see my italki stats below, including rating, lessons given and comments.


My lessons are adapted to your needs, goals and preferences, but the most important thing is you will talk a lot, because the only way to learn a language is practicing. Of course, we’ll also do some vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises, but don’t worry! You won’t get bored! We’ll do it in an organic, relaxed and fun way.

A very important part of my job is creating a friendly, close and relaxing atmosphere so you can use your Spanish confidentially, with no fear. After all, feeling confident when speaking in a foreign language is as important as learning new vocabulary or grammar. My goal is that you use your Spanish naturally and with confidence.

Typically, my lessons have a combination of these 3 elements:

+ Guided organic conversation. “Guided” means that you are not simply talking with a native, but having a conversation with a professional who knows what to ask you according to your level and your needs. We’ll do this even if you are a beginner student. Yeah! Beginners can actually have little conversations!

+ Feedback to correct mistakes and polish your speech. I’ll help you to speak naturally, not just functionally.

+ Explanations and practical exercises. This is essential to improve your level.

We will use materials (books, articles, audios, etc.) that I provide to the student. You don’t have to worry about anything.

I teach Spanish for learners at any level. We will use some English if you are an absolute beginner, but even in that case, we’ll start talking in Spanish from the very first lesson.

I prefer to use Skype for our lessons or Zoom if the first option is not available, but I am also open to using other types of video conferencing applications.

I have top quality equipment:
– RODE professional microphone
– Symmetrical 600 MB fiber optic Internet.
– Full HD Webcam.
– Professional lighting.


You don’t pay immediately after booking. The appointment(s) must be approved first. Once approved, I will send you a link where you can make a payment via debit/credit card or Paypal.

New students can select “trial lesson” (25 minutes / 5 €)


You can cancel (with refund) or reschedule a lesson in “GESTIONAR MI RESERVA” section or notifying me (via email, or Skype message). You can do this up to 24 hours before the lesson starts. After that period, as a general rule, the lesson can not be canceled and it will be considered as completed. Anyway, I understand that sometimes things just come up, so I can do some exceptions.


¡Hola! Soy profesor certificado de español para extranjeros y estoy especializado en las tutorías privadas online desde 2015. Durante este tiempo, he enseñado en algunas plataformas muy populares de enseñanza de idiomas. A continuación puedes ver mi calificación, mis horas de clase impartidas y algunos comentarios de mis estudiantes en esas plataformas.


Mis clases están adaptadas a tus necesidades, metas y preferencias, pero te aseguro una cosa: vas a hablar mucho, porque la única forma de aprender un idioma es practicarlo. Por supuesto, también vamos a hacer ejercicios de vocabulario y gramática, pero de una forma orgánica, relajada y divertida. Mi objetivo es que uses tu español con confianza y seguridad.

Como norma general, las clases suelen tener una combinación de estos 3 elementos:

Conversación orgánica guiada, forzando al estudiante a usar determinado vocabulario y gramática para interiorizar esos conocimientos.
Feedback para corregir errores y mejorar el estilo.
Explicaciones y ejercicios.

Normalmente, en mis clases usamos materiales (libros, artículos, audios, etc.) que yo envío al estudiante. Tú no tienes que preocuparte de nada.

Enseño español a todos los niveles, también a niveles elementales (hablo inglés), pero incluso en los niveles más elementales vamos a usar español desde el primer día.

Así que si quieres dar, por fin, un salto de nivel y empezar a hablar español con fluidez, ¡aquí estoy para ayudarte!

Las clases se hacen por Skype (opción preferida) o por Zoom, pero también estoy abierto a usar otro tipo de aplicaciones de videoconferencia.

Dispongo de equipo de primera calidad:
– Micrófono profesional RODE.
– Internet de fibra óptica de 600 MB simétricos.
– Webcam Full HD.
– Iluminación profesional.

Las clases tienen una duración de: 50 minutos

El precio es de: 16 €

El pago no se hace inmediatamente después de hacer la reserva. La(s) reserva(s) primeo deben aprobarse y, después de ser aprobadas, te enviaré un link donde puedes hacer el pago (con Paypal o tarjeta de débito o crédito).

Se puede cancelar (con reembolso) o mover una clase programada desde tu ÁREA DE ESTUDIANTE o si me avisas por email o Skype. Se puede hacer esto hasta 24 horas de la lección. Después de ese periodo, como norma general, no se podrá cancelar la lección y se considerará como completada.

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Comentarios de los alumnos (en italki)

It was another great lesson with Victor. I’ve done almost 60 lessons with him and I can’t thank him enough how much he has helped me improve my Spanish. He makes me laugh at least once during each lesson and in this relaxed environment, I feel so empowered and confident to speak. You should start your first lesson with Victor right away if you want to have fun talking and deepen your understanding of the language at the same time.

64 lessons

Great lesson with Victor talking about the subjunctive, how native speakers think vs learners, as well as different expressions used in Spain vs Latin America. Our lessons are always a lot of fun and very helpful with consistent feedback and notes!

171 lessons

I have had a few lessons with Victor now and each time is a great experience. As someone who isn’t a confident speaker he is able to draw out conversation easily and he targets the lessons to my needs/learning level very well.

21 lessons

Another great lesson with Victor. He is always very helpful, patient and open to talk about any topic. I feel like I speak more confidently with every lesson and I am definitely learning tons!

5 lessons

Victor is an amazing teacher who adapts his lessons to whatever my needs are at the time. He’s super easy going, likable, and really easy to talk to. He has provided me with tons of resources and materials for us to study with and has created amazing documents and pdfs to work from, which I love. Thanks for everything Victor. Nos vemos en la próxima clase.

56 lessons

Comentarios de los alumnos (en Cocoloco)

Four years of enjoyable learning

Rated 5 out of 5
septiembre 9, 2021

I have been working with Victor for four years now , something like 175 lessons . In that time he has helped me enormously as I have progressed from beginner to advanced intermediate . More recently he has created the cocoloco website which is full of great materials. I now find the combination of his video and audio materials, with the opportunity to work with him in personalised lessons is an unbeatable combination – at least it works really well for me ( and I have tried many other online resources over the years). Working with Victor is fun , challenging and highly effective.

Our time: 4:43am UTC